Parenting - Fathers and their Kids


Various supports, courses and groups are offered throughout the year to provide help, support and encouragement for fathers and families.

Anger Awareness

These groups were created in the summer of 2005 at the request of some fathers who struggled with healthy ways to manage and release their anger and frustration. A small sample of course topics include:

  • exploring your own story, and the impact it has on who you are
  • conflict resolution styles
  • triggers, coping mechanisms, and healthy diffusion strategies

The style of this group is highly interactive, so a willingness to actively participate and discuss various issues is required.

This group runs upon request from interested parties. If you are interested or would like more information, contact:

Contact: Reg Unrau

cell:   778.808.3254

Contact: Jordan Platana

cell:   778.908.8346

Contact: Nam Aujla (Speaks Punjabi)

cell:   778.878.0397